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Peace of mind in Operational Resilience

Orbit Open Platform elevates Resilience and simplifies Compliance, securing your business success amid uncertainty.


Are you prepared for the unexpected?​

Navigate today’s complex landscape and boost your ability to keep your business running and deliver against targets.

Don't leave your business vulnerable:

  • Identify business-critical risks accurately

  • Ensure success with the right controls

  • Define appropriate prevention measures

  • Invest in response and recovery solutions

  • Learn and adapt from every single event


Every day thousands of users trust us


International legal entities


Daily active users


Average customer retention


Regulated Banks and Financial institutions

  • Meet regulatory obligations​

  • Embed applicable standards and frameworks​

  • Produce and manage necessary evidences​

Demonstrate compliance to regulations and standards​

  • Mitigate existential risks​

  • Absorb shocks by minimizing the impact of events​

  • Create competitive advantage

Protect the business, the customer, and the brand​

  • Align planning with risk tolerance

  • Adopt efficient, effective processes

  • Automate workflows, analytics and reporting

Reduce the cost of maintaining operational resilience​


Orbit Open Platform: value

With increasing global disruption, uncertainty and regulation, companies struggle to effectively manage resilience using traditional and disparate risk, compliance and continuity processes, frameworks, systems and data​

Using the Orbit Open Platform our customers quickly brought these together into a single, comprehensive and efficient approach to provide a laser focus on the three objectives they tell us matter the most:


Start your journey to resilience​

Unlock the power of your organization by merging business continuity and risk management into a single, dynamic operational process. ​

Using Orbit Open Platform that binds in an end to end vision, business continuity and risk management practices, you will be ready to cope gorgeously with the unexpected .

Empowering success, scaling with you​


Fuel your journey to operational resilience with our adaptable solution that scales seamlessly, empowering your growth at every stage.​

Map your resources and gain a comprensive view of how your organization works.

Optimize your tasks with simple and effective workflows based on powerful user experience and well recognized frameworks.

Take advantage of the full scalability guaranteed by our cloud-based services.

The platform that scales with your changing business

Unleash the potential of Orbit Open Platform for Operational Resilience as your organisation evolves.

Drive growth with a structured framework that seamlessly adapts to support your increasing maturity, offering a comprehensive set of solution services, available as both SaaS and on-premise.

Identification & Resource Mapping

Resources Management

Get a comprehensive overview of all your organizational resources (employee, buildings, IT Applications, processes, ...) and keep them easily update.


Map your ICT assets (networks, hardware, software, ...) and keep updated all the relations between business processes and services.


Assessment & Prevention


Gain a thorough understanding of the extent to which your company's resources are exposed to key risks and threats. Manage any deviations from your risk tolerance level by maintaining proper control measures.

Questionaire Engine

Assess your organization's level of corporate maturity in relation to ISO 22301, Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), and other international standards using a robust engine​.

Business Impact Analysis

Drive complete business impact analysis to effectively identifying critical business process and assets on which to focus operational resilience activities.

Prevention Measures​

Establish the right measures to effectively reduce the likelihood of root causes triggering a risk event​.

Business Continuity Plans

Build up effective response plans to execute in case of incident or crisis, saving time and resources, keeping business running and reducing negative impacts.

Disaster Recovery plans

Manage IT components, their disaster recovery procedures and interdependencies, in order to rebuild the chain and verify the connections with the business.

Exercise Management

Preventive & Mitigation Controls

Execute different kinds of inspections, run remotely or on-site. Test the design and effectiveness of controls and create your own checklist.

Business Continuity Plan Testing

Plan and run risk scenarios based exercises in order to assess the effectiveness and feasibility of the defined response plans, ensuring they remain consistently valid​.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Plan and run simulations based on unavailability scenarios of the technological infrastructures to test the recorded procedures.

Respond & Recover

Incident & Crisis Management

Handle incidents and crisis efficiently by promptly planning and executing remedial actions, while keeping a watchful eye on the crisis's progress. Ensure your risk register is up-to-date and contains high-quality data.

Loss Data Collection

Collect and classify Operational Losses (financial, non-financial, penalties) in business processes over long-lasting periods. Review and validate data with the aim of monitoring loss recovery plans.​

Emergency Mass Notification

Communicate and manage crisis through emergency mass notification features. Create and manage groups of contacts, such as employees or customers during emergencies. This module is powered by Everbridge®.

Learn & Adapt


Create institutional to be addressed to corporate bodies, board and Supervisory Authorities supported by an approval flow.​

Action Plans Managements

Track and trace action plans related to the findings emerged during control activities, run remotely or on-site by Internal Control Functions.​

Analytics & Insight

Dynamically navigate the relationships between different assets within your organization, identifying impacted resources in real-time also in case of incidents. Configurable powerful dashboard to keep monitoring your preferred KPIs.

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Shall we start a journey together?

Discover how Orbit Open Platform can help you to embrace a digital approach to Operational Resilience​.

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